Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jason's Last Birthday Videos before his return

My brother is almost home from his mission in Bulgaria. OK, so he still has like 7 months (i'm not sure) but still....its almost here! Tavan  misses Jason so much and cant wait to see him come to his house. Jason's birthday was on July 17th but I forgot to upload these last week.
Dimitri had his shots the day we made these videos so he is sort of half grumpy/tired, but he was a good sport. Dimitri is growing well and his percentiles range from off the chart to 60%...He is so different from Tavan who was smaller at first but now is growing to be on the tops of the charts.  I love all my boys so much and so glad I get to be part of their lives!
P.S. happy Birthday Jason

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