Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jason's Last Birthday Videos before his return

My brother is almost home from his mission in Bulgaria. OK, so he still has like 7 months (i'm not sure) but still....its almost here! Tavan  misses Jason so much and cant wait to see him come to his house. Jason's birthday was on July 17th but I forgot to upload these last week.
Dimitri had his shots the day we made these videos so he is sort of half grumpy/tired, but he was a good sport. Dimitri is growing well and his percentiles range from off the chart to 60%...He is so different from Tavan who was smaller at first but now is growing to be on the tops of the charts.  I love all my boys so much and so glad I get to be part of their lives!
P.S. happy Birthday Jason

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Talented Husband

Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? because he truely is amazing! 
He really is into building things and so I love to watch him ( I help when I can!) but watching is the best part.  A couple of weeks ago he helped his brother build a full sized bed (eventually will be bunk beds but for now we just built the one) and it turned out awesome. It took a little longer than he thought it would but he finished building it and left the sanding/painting to his brother to finish.  

We also recently sold our night stand so he was itching to build a new one for next to the bed. He found plans and the next day he invited Jo D over to help him build it. It was fun to watch him work and "upgrade" the plans to make it better. Jo D enjoyed helping him and learning how to run the tools as well.

I know that we could have bought pieces similar to these but to have the satisfaction that we did it ourselves is so much better. Besides, watching him build things is a lot more "sexy"( i know, I know, but its MY blog) than watching him just pull out his wallet and pay someone to do it for us.  We both love  DIY things around our home and I love that he is talented enough to do things like this. By the time we are finished with everything on our list for the future, we will almost have all our furniture built/redone by  the wonderful Richard Morgan! Right now the boys room (minus Dimitri's crib) has been done by him and  i love knowing that. :)

Dimitri's Birthday

 I don't know where my year went! it seems like he was just barely born. He is hitting so many milestones  and mom and dad couldn't be prouder! He learned how to walk two weeks before his first birthday and hasn't stopped since! He is a climber though.......Tavan didn't really climb much but Dimitri is EVERYWHERE! He also is a very tough boy. He is very much like Tavan in the fact that he loves to sleep in his crib and his crib only! I guess he is over his "cuddles" stage. Dimitri is so much fun and all of us are so happy to have him as part of our family. if you ask Tavan if he loves his brother he will reply "yes, cause he is super cute and my best friend". I love how they love each other :)

For Dimitri's party we did a dinosaur theme and I had planned for it to be at the park, but mother nature had other i quickly changed gears and planned it at our home. we had lots of family over to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Dimitri!

Best buds!
They do everything together and giggle all the time

Dimitri's all time favorite activity...EATING! some days i wonder how i am going to feed these boys when the get older. Both eat non stop and anytime I leave them with a sitter I get told "your boys are such good eaters" or "my word they eat".....i'm never sure how to take that....but for now i just be sure to pack lots of food for them to eat. 

Friday after Dimitri's birthday we took him in for his year old check up. His head size is still quite a way off the chart but is slowly coming down to a more "normal" size. Maybe one day he will grow into his head. He was in the 85 percentile for his weight  and his height is in the 75th. He is our big boy! Tavan was much smaller at this stage  and right now there is only a  7 lbs. difference in the twos weight..... Dimitri took his shots like a champ! He cried like expected but the sucker afterwords made up for it. Tavan was so cute during the process (he knew what was happening) He held Dimitri's hand and lovingly patted his head while repeating "its OK Loo (Dimitri's nickname), I know it hurts, don't be afraid, I'm right here, we are almost done, i love you"....melts my heart :) Tavan is a phenomenal big brother. Yes he still does not like when Dimitri plays with his toys and gets frustrated with him and pushes him down quite a bit, but he loves Dimitri so much and I am so excited to watch their relationship grow even more!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I feel like I have yet to catch a break with my boys! After we get Tavan's hand as healed as we can and Dimitri gets over his Roseola.....Dimitri gets Diarrhea for like a week and half. We tried to keep him hydrated and we pushed fluids like none other but eventually we still ended up in the hospital with him for IV fluids. Apparently all he needed was fluids because a day or two later he was back to himself. After that he had a horrible diaper rash and as soon as we got that healed...he started to break his top two molars in. Oh the Joy! I love my boys tremendously and would do anything for them but it has been a rough couple of weeks.

Little man the day we took him in for fluids. He laid on the floor like this all day

Getting his fluids!

After we had about two weeks of health in the Morgan household, we got invited by Ricky's brothers family to go and let the cousins play together in Vernal. Tavan loved going with his cousins and two of his friends to play on the inflatable toys. I think it will be a place that we return to in the future.

I am just happy that right now I have my healthy, happy little family back to normal and that winter is almost over. I do not like spring(too much mud and filth!) but I am looking forward to warmer weather and less sickness!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas and January

boys with Santa Ricky and I at the BME Christmas party
This Christmas we stayed home. We spent a lot of the time at my moms house because James and his family joined us and it also meant that we got to skype with Jason! Tavan misses Jason a lot and was pretty excited to see him on the computer. He also loved having some of his cousins to play with. He has cousins here in Colorado but I think he enjoys playing with others more. Being able to see Jason was nice and it reminded me jut how much I miss him! Christmas this year was pretty good. Rick got movies and miscellaneous items he wanted. I got a Pearl necklace and a copy of my family vidoes growing up that I have watched a couple times already. Tavan got toys and clothes. His favorite is a Mickey themed Car wash for all his cars. Dimitri got a lot of clothes that he needed. I saved most of Tavans clothes from when he was baby but for some reason I didnt save any 9-18 month clothes. I wish i had a better excuse but I don't. So his Christmas was easy to get.
We also got Tickets for Rick and I so we could fly out as family to Ricky's brother, Andy's, wedding. We left on my birthday and headed to SLC to go to Andy's wedding. The wedding was super pretty and the couple seems happy. The trip itself was super stressful because no one really had any set plans other than the wedding and not knowing where everyone was or even making plans was near impossible, but we made the best it. We even had time to go play on the beach before we had to go back to the airport. Tavan loves the beach and Ricky and I loved getting out of Rangely. I'm just so thankful that my boys are such awesome travelers! They do awesome on the plane and don't mind long car trips. I couldn't ask for better boys! Dimitri at the wedding
Tavan looking handsome in his bowtie! He loves it and still wears it around
the Richard Morgan Family =) I love my family!
Towards the end of January things started getting crazy again. Tavan is in Kindermusic and goes weekly, and Dimitri is trying to figure out this walking thing. Dimitri had his 9 month check up and other than the fact that he had Roseola at the appointment, he is doing really well. HE is in the 60% range for height, weight and his head is off the chart. He got over the Roseola easily and handled it like a champ ( a super high fever for 4 days then a rash for 3 days) The whole time he was sick we had to stay home (with the exception of going to Vernal to his Doctors appointment and to get some more necessities) Dimitri and I had to stay home. Ricky ended up going to Junction by himself with Tavan to get a whole bunch of things we needed (thank you honey, i will love you forever for doing that). Other than having a super high fever Dimitri pretty much just spent his days doing this......
Now Dimitri is over his sickness, Tavan is still healing and we are looking forward to what February brings us!